Since the Independence the present Kokrajhar district was the  part of undivided Goalpara district till 1956. In 1957 the Kokrajhar Sub-Division was created with its HQ. Kokrajhar itself having geographical area of 1569.9 sq. miles. At  that time there were 5 numbers of Police Station namely (1)Bijni (2) Sidli (3) Kokrajhar (4) Gossaigaon (5) Tamarhat and 9 Nos

of  Police out posts namely (1) Manikpur (2) Basugaon (3) Serfanguri (4) Dotma (5) Fakiragram (6) Kachugaon (7) Bhowraguri  (8) Simultapu (9) Chotoguma, 2 Nos B.O.P. namely (1) Ultapani (2) Runikhata.

In  1983 July the Kokrajhar Sub-Division was newly created as Kokrajhar district having its own original Sub-Divisional status. Again in 1989 during further re-organisation of the districts and some new districts Bongaigaon district was created. Then about 40% of the total geographical area of the Kokrajhar district  i.e. entire  Bijni Revenue Circle along with 347.50 sq.kms of Sidli Revenue Circle were carved out and included in the new district of Bongaigaon. Later on  more 20 villages of Naikgaon G.P. with total area of 40.22 sq.kms under Chapar Revenue Circle of Dhubri district was transferred to Kokrajhar district. The present  geographical area of Kokrajhar district is 3,169.22 sq km and population is 9,30,404 as per census report of 2001.

At present Kokrajhar district Police is functioning with 8 Police Stations namely (1) Kokrajhar (2) Basugaon (3) Fakiragram (4)Dotma (5) Serfanguri (6) Kachugaon (7) Gossaigaon and (8) Tamarhat. Further, there are 8 nos O.P., 2 Nos B.O.P. and 2 Nos P.P. functioning under the concerned P.S's. 


(1) The district is located in the western part of Assam having Inter-State boundary with the West Bengal at a length of 39.5 miles (approximately- 68 KM) as well as the International boundary with the Bhutan to the north at a length of 55 Miles (approximately-88 kms).

(2)The district is the gate way of the entire North Eastern Region linked with National Highway 31 (c) and Railway line with B.G. and M.G. Further this district has got link with road communication namely (1) Runikhata - Gelengphuand (2) Kokrajhar - Sarbhong road with the foreign country Bhutan.


The district is mainly dominated by the majority of Bodo tribal, second large group is Santhal / Orao Adivasi people, third group is Bengali both Hindus & Muslim, fourth is Koch- Rajbangsi. There are also other like Nepali, few Assamese, Hindi speaking people, Rava and Garos.


Presently, Bodo political groups backed by ABSU/BPAC, and its allied organisations like BSS,ABEF,ABWWF, CCBM, is dominating the political scenario in the district. In Assam Legislative Assembly elections, independent candidates backed by ABSU and BPAC have been elected. Other Bodo political organisations like the PDF and the UBNLF could not make any noteworthy impact in the said elections.

As per information, the political alingment between ABSU, BPAC, and BJP still continues. It is also observed that all the residents of this district desire an atmosphere of peace and development through negotiations with militant groups.

There is no apparent tension between various political parties or groups in this district. At the moment the district administration is putting a sustained efforts to ensure peace is maintained at any cost. Other communities living in this district are seen to be not too involved in the political/ethnic tension and related issues.


The village defence parties have been activated in every Police Station area of Kokrajhar district. They are operating under the direct control of Os/C of the Police Station. At present total 402 nos. of Registered VDPs and 66 Nos. of unregistered VDPs are working in different places under respective Police stations.

The Circle Organizers (COVDO) are responsible for the proper functioning of the VDPs and will assist the Officers in Charge of the Police Stations on the following task.

(A) Maintaining healthy relations between Police Stations and public living in the P.S. area.

(B) Organizing and activating VDPs and village resistance groups against miscreants and anti social elements out to disturb public peace and tranquility. They will organise members of the public and motivate them to guard road/railway bridges, culverts, power lines, oil pipelines and other such public properties against acts of sabotage by extremists.

(C) Attending joint patrols between Police and VDPs in rural areas.

(D) Organizing peace meeting and rallies regularly between various communities to ease tension in the minds of citizens.


After coming of the BLT to the negotiation table with the Central Govt. only the NDFB and Adivasi militant are active in Kokrajhar district. No activity whatsoever was noticed of other organisation like BCF, MULTA etc., in the recent past NDFB cadres are targeting the Adivasi who go to the jungle for cutting valuable timbers. This tendency of reprisal by both the extremist groups is continuing for a quite long time now. The process is fomenting ethnic violence. Gossaigaon Sub-Division, a part of Kokrajhar and a part of Basugaon are most vulnerable from this angle. Though due to concerted efforts from the district administration and holding of peace meeting, the law and order situation in Kokrajhar district is apparently normal but an under current is prevailing large scale ethnic violence cannot be ruled out as occurred in 1996.

The NDFB is active mainly in the area North of N.H. 31(C) and operating from the dense Reserve Forest areas along Indo-Bhutan Border. These areas also have a limited access to/from the district administration.


The Kokrajhar district Police have been successful in keeping Crimes as well as extremist activity under check. At present, most of the CRPF/Assam Police units engaged in keeping activities of N.D.F.B. under control. A fairly large quantum of District Police/State para military force is also dedicated to guarding Relief Camps that presently exist in this district.

Although major Railway bridges are guarded by contingents of Assam Police Battalions, unarmed Home Guards have been engaged to guard a large number of culverts on the Railway track as well as Oil pipe lines. The security of these vital installations needs to be reviewed and augmented with posting of armed force.

Kokrajhar district Police have been able to recover a large number of illegal Arms/Ammunitions, during the period of January 1999 to December 2001, 138 Nos of Arms, both factory and country made were recovered/ Seized.


The Kokrajhar district Police administration is functioning normally with its quantum staff under the spirit and supervision of the Sri Anil Phookan, Superintendent of Police, Kokrajhar. However, The DIG of the Western Range located its H.Q. at Kokrajhar also touching the Police administration closely under any circumstances.

The district Police had been coming across in very enormous critical position in the line of administration covering the law and order, prevention and detection of crime, criminals, insurgency operation, maintenance of statuesque in the International Border with Bhutan etc. The district Police also sincerely and abruptly performing the duties without any hesitation and giving the status of importancy to across the passenger carrying, good carrying trains and other vehicles carrying essential commodities in normal and bundh periods to this region as the district is the gate way of the entire N.E. region.

The Kokrajhar district Police has able to keep maintain their high moral dignity, attitude to achieve against the violence of human rights by the insurgency groups, anti-social elements and continuing its endeavour to persuade and relentless efforts to bring peace and tranquility in such trouble torn district roomed by the incident of ethnic violence, separate state movement and affected distressed people. All the efforts were performed with sincerely by abiding law of the constitution which resulted consequently the improvement of law and order situation as well as also reflected in a decreasing trend of violent incidents and civilian casualty due to firmly deal with the situation. In this way the district Police has able to attain the common people to isolate perpetrators of violence and to defeat their sinister designs. So all this results are the act of collective responsibility of the district Police, Kokrajhar to promote brotherhood and national unity at all caste.

List of Police Heads of Kokrajhar District Police with Telephone/Fax/Email Address.

Sri Mukesh Sahay, IPS DIG(WR) 70720 (O)
70704 (R)
Sri Anil Phookan S.P.KJR 70725 (O)
70759 (R)
Sri P.K. Bhuyan, APS Addl.S.P. (HQ) KJR 70670 (O)
70490 (R)
 -   - 
Lying vacant Dy.S.P. (HQ) KJR 70813 (O)
70813 (R)
 -   - 
Sri Mukul Chaterjee, APS Dy.S.P. (DSB) 70674 (O)  -   - 
Sri Singha Ram Mili, APS SDPO,Gssn 20479 (O)  -   - 
Sri H.Basumatary, APS Dy.S.P. (Border) 76406 (R)  -   - 
Sri Sarat Ch. Borah C.I. GSSN 20366 (O)  -   - 
Sri C.K. Das ACI. BSSN 81263 (O)  -   - 
Sri Kiran Kr. Baruah Inspr,O.C KJR P.S. 70732  -   - 
Sri D.S. Chouhan Inspr (T) A.P.R.O. 70188  -   - 
Sri A. Zaman R.O. KJR 70652 (O)
75120 (R)
 -   - 
Sri Ikbal Hussain O.C. FKM 83414  -   - 
Sri Afzal Hussain O.C.BSSN 81226  -   - 
Sri Narayan Ch. Das O.C. DTM 84117  -   - 
Sri Pradip Patar O.C. GSSN 20640  -   - 
Sri Haren Ch. Das O.C. THT 89207  -   - 
Sri Sirajul Hoque I/C BTL 64816  -   - 
Sri Mahendra Nath Deori I/C SKT 82316  -   - 
Fire Brigade Kokrajhar  -  70777  -   - 
Police Control Kokrajhar  -  75872  -   - 
District Crime Record Bureau (Computer Sec.) S.P's office, Kokrajhar.  -   -   -
    Kokrajhar district Police achievement at a Glance.

1) General :- The district Police has acquired and scored its position constantly since last three years by various laudable activities resulting the tremendous achievement mainly the operational works to maintain internal security. As a instances this year the following Police officials of the district are awarded Police Antrik Suraksha Seva Padak by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Home affairs as a marks of distinguished services for the counter insurgency of internal security operations.

(A) Sri Anil Phookan Superintendent of Police, Kokrajhar
(B) Sri Ezaz A. Hazarika, APS, Addl. S.P. (HQ), Kokrajhar.
(C) Sri Imdadul Hussain Borah, APS, Addl. S.P. (B),KJR.
(D) Sri Prasanta Kumar Bhuyan, APS, Addl. S.P.(HQ),KJR.
(E) Sri Arun Ch. Borah, APS, Addl.S.P.(S), KJR.
(F) Sri Singha Ram Mili, APS, Dy.S.P.(HQ), Kokrajhar.
(G) Sri Manavendra Dev Roy, APS, SDPO, Gossaigaon.
(H) Sri K.K. Baruah, O.C. Kokrajhar P.S.
(I) Sri Sarat Ch. Borah, C.I. Gossaigaon
(J) Sri Chandra Kanta Das, A.C.I., Basugaon.
(K) Sri Surendra Nr. Choudhury, I.B.I., Kokrajhar.

(2) District Intelligence Branch :-The district intelligence branch is the instrumental to support strongly the Police administration by providing useful information in time which resulted good consequences to keep normal administration in the district.

(3) Border Branch : - The district Border branch is also could able to secure successful record in the field works in respect of detection of doubtful citizens, illegal migrants of foreign countries which also check the flows of such national and their by keep the district in stable arising out of this vexed problems.

(4) District Crime Record Bureau :- In 1986 vide Resolution No. 24013/13/85-GPA-IV as the Govt. of India had accepted the recommendation of the National Police Commission in regard to setting up the National Crime Record Bureau at the Centre and creation of State Crime Record BureauX and the District Crime Record BureauX in the steps by the state Governments. Thus this process proceeded to constituted the BureauX for state and district level and finally district Crime Record Bureau, Kokrajhar was constituted in the year 1996 and functioning since 1st January 1996 staffing with 2 Data Entry Operators under the supervision of Superintendent of Police.

District Crime Record Bureau Kokrajhar is working to create DATA Bank on Crime and Criminals. It is working with its own application software "CCIS"- Crime and Criminal Information System launched by National Crime Record Bureau.

Last November, 2001 NCRB has launched another application Software "PBS" - Portrait Building System as test version which is also available at DCRB, Kokrajhar.

The District Crime Record Bureau, Kokrajhar is connected with INTERNET through BSNL.

Moreover, the much awaited "POLNET" is yet to be launched so the DCRBx are yet to be connected with SCRBx and thus NCRB.

Overview of CCIS :- CCIS deals with

a) Crime
b) Criminal
c) Case property and
d) Persons

The System can assist the Investigating officers in getting

a) Details of criminal & property related to crime
b) Details of crime & property related to criminals
c) List of person arrested/wanted/convicted
d) List of criminals with given deformities/physical features
e) List of vehicles/ Fire arms/ cultural properties/ numbered properties recovered/ Lost/ involved in crime
f) Matching reports of un-identified bodies with missing/ kidnapped persons.
g) Details of crime on place of occurrences
h) Details of crime on period/ time of occurrence.

This System assist the supervisory officers to

a) Monitor the progress of cases
b) Generates reports on pending cases
c) Monitor the quality of work done by the Investigating officers.
d) Prepare the list of missing FIRs (if any)
e) Prepare list of cases with different Investigating officers.

This System generates reports on

a) Crime & criminals
b) Property
c) Matching reports
d) Statistical reports
e) Miscellaneous reports.

Benefits :-

a) Information available as and when required
b) No time delay
c) Effective monitoring by supervisory officers
d) Fast & efficient handling of queries and
e) Fast and easy generation of reports
f) All the above ensuring greater transparency.



Maintain order and detect crime by enforcing law firmly and impartially and without fear or favour prejudice or vindictiveness.

Maintain integrity and discipline of the highest order in sincere performance of duties in accordance with the law and the constitution and respect the rights of citizens as guaranteed by it.

Strive to build up a strong Police-public bond in order to encourage community participation in law enforcement and promote harmony and spirit of brotherhood amongst all segments of society, transcending religious, linguistic, social and regional diversities and to remove practices derogatory to the dignity of women and disadvantaged sections of society.

Strive to be courteous and well-mannered at all times, develop self restrains and be truthful and honest in thought and deed, in both personal and official lives.

Source : Office of the Superintendent of Police, Kokrajhar.


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